Welcome, Fall!

Children and their teachers are back in school, the leaves are turning, geese are on the move, and the daylight hours grow noticeably shorter with each passing week. Gardens are being put to bed, though as yet, we've not had a frost.

Our favorite fall event, the Thetford Geography Bee, is coming up on Friday, November 2nd, and we've chosen a topic that is both close to home, and timely:
Thetford and Thetford Academy. We're helping TA with their 200th birthday celebration, which officially happens in February, 2019. What is a Geo Bee? Great Fun! Learn all about the event here:, and get started by forming a team, signing up, and brushing up on the subject matter. In addition to team participation, we also rely on the support of local sponsors, both businesses and individuals. Want to be a sponsor? Download a sign-up sheet here:

If you made it to our Annual Meeting in September, you heard a number of Thetford stories that we gleaned from our archives, in preparation for the Geo Bee. We'll be putting that presentation into a format that can be shared here, but it will take some time. In the interim, please enjoy the snippet below, featuring local poetry and photographs of a familiar view.

Please also visit our photo sharing site on Flickr, where we've organized our older photos by village, and a more recent group of slides by activity, most from Post Mills. You'll see some familiar faces in this group. As always, if you have Thetford images that you would like to add to our collections, we'd be grateful for the donation. We're also happy to scan your photos (or slides!) and return the originals to you.

Keep up to date on THS happenings by following our Facebook page, and over the next few weeks, we'll post fun facts that just might turn out to be the correct answer to a Geo Bee question... stay tuned!

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