High Water at the Hughes Barn Museum

The high water event of July 1, 2017 hit Thetford hard; damaging roads, culverts, driveways, and ditches. Basements flooded, and yards were washed away or filled with debris. The Thetford Historical Society’s Hughes Barn Museum on Route 113 also suffered extensive damage, both structurally and to our collection, when Zebedee Brook overran its banks.

The force and volume of the water inflow was such that it displaced many of the collection items and coated them with sediment and other debris. It also undermined portions of the barn foundation, displaced some of the wooden flooring, damaged portions of the exterior walls and displaced or washed away some of the crushed stone surface in the carriage area. Click here for a gallery of photos after the water receded.

We have dealt with the immediate: dumping water out of items inside (the high water line is more than four feet high on the ground floor of the barn) and beginning the process of drying out the building and its contents. We are assessing our needs in terms of site clean-up, repairs to the Main Barn, mitigation of future water issues, and collection preservation/restoration. Sadly, some items are likely too badly damaged to be saved.

Please stay tuned for upcoming work events at the Museum as the weather warms up this spring. Our plan is to re-open the Barns in 2018.

THS Board of Trustees

Marshall Van Norden, President (North Thetford)
Sally Duston, Vice President (Thetford Center)
Sarah Clarke, Treasurer (East Thetford)
Tara Pacht, Secretary (East Thetford)

John Bacon (Rice's Mills) Bob Metzler (North Thetford)
Jennifer Boeri-Boyce (Post Mills) Steve Niederhauser (Vershire)
Roberta Howard (North Thetford) Kristofer Ray (Post Mills)
Ruth MacKinnon (Union Village) Cy Severance (East Thetford)

Martha Howard, Director