"Half your wood and half your hay..."

A vintage New England measure of winter - Groundhog Day marked the midway point, and if you had at least half of both commodities remaining, you were in good shape to make it through with enough fuel for your home and food for the stock.   It's probably a truer yardstick than the fickle groundhog's shadow.  All this snow is pretty though, right?

The Historical Society again provided historic photos from our archives for Thetford's FY2018 Town Report, which will soon be sent out.  We focused on Community - gatherings, groups and events - and hope that you will recognize many local places and faces.   On the subject of Town Reports past - we are currently consolidating our archives and have MANY copies of past town reports that are free for the taking, before they go to recycling.  We still have two complete runs that have been bound, for archival purposes, and digital versions are available as well.

We are busy planning our upcoming Spring Series #3, tentatively titled 'Migration Nation' .  Details forthcoming as they are finalized.

Thetford Academy will be exactly two hundred years old on Friday, February 8, 2019.  To commemorate the opening of what is now the oldest secondary school in Vermont, a new state historical marker will be unveiled at 12:00 noon on the site of the original Academy buildings at 151 Academy Road.   The marker, commissioned by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, is sponsored by the Thetford Academy Alumni Association, the Thetford Historical Society, and Thetford Academy.   A reception will be held at Latham Library immediately after a short on-site dedication and unveiling.  You are cordially invited.  Click the image below (THS's only color image of the original Academy building) for the full text of Friday's events.